mimosa dans l'esterel
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Take the Mimosa Route on the French Riviera

The Mimosa is back in the winter sunshine ! Find in this article all the events about Mimosa on the French Riviera, its specificities, but also tips to grow it and even ... taste it !

Over the last few days, you have probably noticed a lot of golden spots along the coast and on the Azurean hills. In contrast to the blue of the azure, the mimosa is back ! Symbol of the sun and gold, it can be found on more than 130 kilometers, from Bormes-les-Mimosas (Var) to Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) via Saint-Raphaël (kilometer 59).

The ideal period for walking is from January to early March: the smell of mimosa is omnipresent and the forests are golden ! On the road, take a break in the charming hamlets of Tanneron, the commune with the most trees of these golden tassels.


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importation du mimosa

Did you know that?

The mimosa is native to Australia. Coming from the Acacia family, the first plants were collected by the English in 1780 and dispersed in Europe, to the delight of botanical gardens. The attraction of the English for the south-east of France made it possible to implant this flower all along the Mediterranean coast, where it was able to blossom fully thanks to the favourable climate.

Your activities around the mimosa :
discovery walks, minibus excursion...

Discover the characteristics of the mimosa with expert naturalist guides on the subject and nature in general !

Grow your own mimosa !

The secret ? The mimosa is planted in spring or autumn :-)

  • Choose a large bin (minimum 40cm).
  • Place a layer of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot. Since it can grow up to 50 cm per year, allow space around it.
  • The mimosa is sensitive to cold, so shelter it in winter or place it in a well-lit room.

As soon as the weather is fine, it will open out fully on your terrace or balcony and withstands the dryness in summer quite well.

Helpful hint : To promote its growth, mimosa needs iron. Place crushed cans in the bottom of its pot to fill it up with vitamins !

mimosa dans l'esterel

The therapeutic virtues of mimosa

Used by Mayan and Aztec Indian healers during antiquity for its regenerative virtues, mimosa is recommended as a cream to treat mature and fragile skin, to restructure tissues and soothe the pain of burns.

savon au mimosa

Mimosa products

Mimosa can be found in a wide range of products! Its delicious scent makes it an ally of choice for many cosmetic products (creams, soaps...). You can smell these flagrances in the perfumeries of the city of Grasse, the world capital of perfumes.

But mimosa can also be enjoyed ! In sweets, honey, jelly, syrup, candied... it makes your mouth water just by writing it down !

Recipe : crystallized mimosa flower

Discover hereafter a simple and quick recipe to make crystallized flowers of Mimosa to decorate your teas or pastries ( guaranteed effect ! ):

  • Take mimosa flowers, wash them gently and wipe them in absorbent paper towels.
  • Then dip the small yellow pompoms in slightly beaten egg white.
  • Sprinkle with icing sugar and leave to air dry on baking paper.
  • Taste it !

Didier Carrié, chocolatier au Palet d’Or, has patented an exclusive recipe: the "Mimosa d'Agay", a unique, sweet chocolate rolled in crystallised mimosa powder. A recipe kept secret but that you can try to break through by savouring it !

Professions around the mimosa

From the nurserymen who cultivate it, to the guides who pass on their passion, to the florists who make beautiful bouquets, to the confectioners and perfumers who transform it for the pleasure of our senses... mimosa is not only a culture but also an art !

Watch hereafter a report broadcast on Jean-Pierre Pernaut's TV news on TF1, January 12, 2018. We find the mimosa grower Bernard Vial, exhibiting in Tanneron, who explains how he exploits the mimosa and his tips for a good flowering.

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pays de fayence - nord

Fayence area

The Pays de Fayence (Fayence district) has many great provencal villages. All of them have a particularity such as the view from Mons or the artistic streets of Tourrettes. Do no forget to stop in Seillans that has the label of "Most beautiful village in France"

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Fayence area

North of the A8 motorway, you will find the Pays de Fayence. Saint-Cassien lake, a real oasis of freshness in the Var, awaits you! Take a break at the Lake House before visiting the villages of Bagnols-en-Forêt, St-Paul-en-Forêt or Tanneron.

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roquebrune sur argens - la bouverie


The city of Roquebrune-sur-Argens is the most westerly of the destination. It includes three districts: La Bouverie, at the foot of Gorges du Blavet; The village, overlooked by its magnificent rock, and Les Issambres, with its nautical activities by the sea.

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les adrets de l'esterel

Les Adrets de l'Estérel

Les Adrets de l'Estérel is a small town located at the extreme southeastern Var. Bordering the Maritimes Alpes, it is composed of large green forests. The town overlooks the bay of Cannes and has an exceptional view on the Lérins Islands and the Corniche de l'Estérel.

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village de puget sur argens

Puget sur Argens

Puget sur Argens is a small village located in the middle of many wineries. Its commercial area, near the village, includes many shopping center. North of the village, the Bois du Defens give rise to several walks.

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roquebrune-sur-argens - les issambres

Les Issambres

Welcome to Les Issambres, the district of Roquebrune-sur-Argens located on the coast. True paradise with its 8 km of beaches and creeks, this family seaside resort, already frequented at the time by the Romans, is located between the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Fréjus-Saint Raphaël.

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ville de frejus - saint-aygulf


Frejus, located halfway between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, is at the heart of the Côte d'Azur. Based on a sandstone buttress of the Esterel massif, the town dominates the valleys of Argens and Reyran. Frejus has the appearance of a small Provencal town whose new districts extend to the sea.

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saint-raphael - massif de l'esterel


65km from Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport, Saint-Raphaël is located between Cannes and Saint-Tropez. This seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast is at the bottom of the great Esterel mountains. Saint Raphael, whose city center is by the sea, is divided into different neighborhoods that have all their characteristics and their personalities.

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