Buggy in the vineyards of Esterel

We tested it for you : the paths of the Esterel buggy and nosmoke

You want to discover theEsterel and Corniche d'or in a different light and you're not afraid to be shaken ? Thrill seekers, Esterel French Riviera LA found out for you ! We tested it for you Buggy tour and ride Nosmoke. Browse the Corniche d'Or and the Esterel mountains in these unusual vehicles and discover their secrets !

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Discovery Buggy

Before leaving on the roads and in theEsterel, one must understand how walking vehicles. Here no ABS or power steering !

  • Everything is automatic : no speed to go ! Keeping his left leg away from the clutch pedal !
  • Keep the belt attached
  • Pay attention to other Buggies
  • Follow in the footsteps of past vehicles before

It left for the buggy tour

The advantage of Buggy is being able to go anywhere without problems ! While en route to the All Terrain ! Pay close attention to mud puddles if you do not want to be splashed.

Small Team Board : do not wear white to the buggy ...

Buggy Tour in Esterel

The most beautiful, it is the breathtaking view that we offer the small roads of the Esterel ! Sneaking through the grass and bushes, after many paths chaotic (pour notre plus grand plaisir), we arrive on the heights of Cap Esterel and the view is UNBELIEVABLE !

Buggy Breathtaking view

An electric vehicle : the Nosmoke

On change d'ambiance ! We leave the dirt roads and mud puddles, direction bord de mer and the beaches of Saint Raphael !

nosmoke electrical tower

The advantage of the electric car : no noise along the Mediterranean. More than a convertible, the Nosmoke is ... freedom and Driving Pleasure ! Enjoy the sea with the massif de l'Estérel background ! Alternate between swimming and Nosmoke to find the best cove of the French Riviera. The guide offers numerous anecdotes on the territory.


Off to the vineyard land Destel

The tour still holds another surprise ! We go in the direction buggies domaine viticole land destel.

After a walk in the buggy vines with explanations of the history of the massif and its main features, we arrive in the beautiful area Lands Destel. The single vineyard of Saint Raphael, who has a beautiful setting with stunning views Saint-Raphaël.

Go for the wine tasting with the guidance and domain winemaker remarks. Small tapenade and local specialties are offered to us, to accompany 3 Wine character !

The peculiarities of this vineyard
  • Are we talking OF Destel land as the soil of the vineyards consists of volcanic earth Esterel but also clay soil
  • The name comes Destel Esterel, églament but the name of the daughter of a former owner : Estelle
  • A very mineral wine and turned to terroir
  • 75.000 bottles produced in the year

land Destel

Around Buggy

  • Simple to handle
  • Big security
  • True pleasure driving
  • Unreleased tracks
  • A amazing views
The ride Nosmoke

  • automatic cars
  • Vehicles with retro colors wane
  • No window
  • An incredible setting
  • A guide to the top !

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