Plongée à St-Raphaël – Agay : Sites & Archéologie

Crédit Photo : Centre de plongée du Dramont

Saint-Raphaël : paradis des plongeurs !

Une maritime facade of 34 km, sheltered creeks, creeks cut, Saint-Raphaël est un territoire riche d’une vie marine authentique. Un milieu à découvrir en apnée ou en plongée sous-marine à tout âge. Dip his palms in the birthplace of diving ... where in 1934 invented the first device that opens and the first structure "The club underwater" !
These pioneers discovered fauna and flora, conservées aujourd’hui sur toute la bande côtière classée en Nature 2000 or the marine protected area that extends between Agay and Trayas.

Température de l'eau

Our region enjoys a warm sunny climate that ensures pleasant temperatures in the water for scuba diving all year,fr. However, après 4 jours de Mistral, elle peut être très froide, et ce même en été !
Températures moyennes : En hiver : autour de 13° / Mi-saison : entre 15° et 19° / En été : between 21 et 27°

Les meilleurs sites de plongée de Saint-Raphaël

The scuba diving takes place throughout the year, in areas of reasonable depth that reveals rocks, dry, and pitfalls which develops an intense marine life. Exceptional dives take place in unspoiled nature and authentic.

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Island Sea Lion

The south side of Sea Lion has a beautiful cover falling from a multitude of seedlings coral. The top of the wall at 20m depth, then dives to 40 m and offering a magical show where "fin strokes" proscribed, give way to a slow fall to the bottom. Tiny lobsters, and parazoanthus lining the concave and faults. This dive is not difficult, except for windy days or a side stream is felt. Although busy in season, Island Sea Lion remains an exceptional spot regardless of the level of practice. Sites "virgin" and "Mermaid" are to advise at 1 and 2, while the "wall of coral", is available on higher levels.

Le BYMS 22

A Saint-Raphaël, there are not that ancient shipwrecks, Here is a military vessel sunk by a mine in August 44 during the landing in Provence. This minesweeper, sister ship of the famous Calypso Cousteau, measure fifty meters long and is based on a mud bottom in the bay of Saint-Raphaël by 41 m. The ship returned, it lies keel in the air, which makes access to rooms easy machine, planking having disappeared. However, this dive is for experienced divers in murky water, because visibility is relatively small, due to alluvial Argens, which gives all its mystery wreck. The tame Congress slip between the plates and shells 100 mm, Anthias from a cloud.

Pyramids Dramont

This series of four pyramid-shaped rocks, with peaks rising between 1,5 m 27m orientée et sud-ouest is growing / northeast.
Alternating rocks sand spits promotes biodiversity leading to the presence of sea cucumbers, Stars combs sea and bryozoans on the sand, while rub magnificent orange gorgonians, spirographs of the splendid panache, and wild oysters on the rocks. Benches Pomfret welcome you from the first meters, then expect the level of 3m. This quiet diving is often embellished with benches sars or saupes and if we discretion can see a small grouper or a beautiful mostelle.

The Swiss Sec

This rock is visible from the surface, by a large green spot that reflects the sun's rays, à travers une eau cristalline. Ce site est aujourd'hui sous l'emprise du Parc Régional Naturel de l'Estérel. The fauna and flora are abundant, shoals of damselfish welcome you from the first meters, alors qu'à 35 m waiting for you and morays. La balade s'effectue en spirale tout autour de sec.

Village Dramont

In the years 50, a team of filmmaker decides to make a submarine movie : "l'Enfant et la Sirène". Camera support, and film sets are located near a beautiful natural arch covered parazoanthus. L'histoire se déroulant dans un village, immergé.... and so after half a century, l'église, les maisons en ciment se sont concrétionnées et offrent aux plongeurs débutants une superbe plongée parsemée d'histoire et d'aventure.

Beacon Christian

This is the sanctuary of archeology by excellence, where 13 ancient shipwrecks were wrecked. This pitfall, Today marked, était très dangereux à la navigation et par conséquent a causé la perte de nombreux navires d'époque antique et médiévale. Au pied du sec, between 12 and 22 m, the ground is strewn with fragments of amphorae barely covered by sand shelly. These ships, responsible for wine amphorae or brine for most, Italy were from, Spain and North Africa during the pax romana. The latest excavations in 1996 revealed remnants of the Greek sixth century BCE, flirting with pottery 1 century and construction elements of the tag. 1600 two years separated ! The museum under the sea contains some reminiscence of the past that still fascinates the diver in search of history.
In the circuit, an arch covered with anemones, sponges, where yellow color dominates parazoantus, opens eastward madrepores that harbor an intense life. As, the wrasse, and scorpionfish, gobies and wrasses concentration hypnotize the plunger.

Barges Anthéor

Jean-Suzon and St. Anthony are two Belgian river barges, controlled by a German crew, coulées par une torpille anglaise... on the French coast, I juillet 44 ! These buildings convoyed from Marseille war material to supply the German troops dug in Italy.
A half before a ship is put upright on its keel, a base 28 m. Stern still well preserved based on its stern. We can observe the diesel engine with a conventional boot compressed air. All around, plates plates, twisted debris, rails, beams, and then there is the shell, les fameux obus.... It took 1998 for the Navy decides to neutralize hundreds of these inert ammunition and order symmetric heap. The site is full of moray and conger, and the first water may surprise some nice grouper tame, accustomed places.
Attention to chilly, a little cold current is regularly feel 1 m ou 2 m above Site.