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We tested it for you : Guided tour of Fréjus

Fréjus was founded in 49 of. AD by the Romans. During its history, she has lived many changes making the city a real open book. It contains many secrets reflecting different eras that have profoundly changed. Estérel Côte d'Azur tested for you the guided tour the city to 2000 ans d'histoire and you unveils some secrets !

Off to the arena of Frejus !

Fountain of the five Continents

Starting, we pass the fountain " four parts of the world "Celebrating the return of water in Fréjus. It represents 4 'Parts' of the world 4 Children of different origins : Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

The memorial of the Indochina Warriors

A little further, we see the Memorial War in Indochina, created a monument to house the remains of 23 920 soldiers and civilians killed during the Indochina War.

The aqueduct

On the way to the bullring, we pass theAqueduct Fréjus, remarkable first site of our trip. Philip teaches us that this monument, present in several places in the city, roamed over 42 km Frejus to feed water for more than 2 centuries years ! He left the villages of Mons and Montauroux to power Fréjus.


During the First World War many soldiers colonies are mobilized Fréjus. To find a place of worship in connection with their beliefs, Indochinese sharpshooters engage in the construction of the pagoda Hông Hien agreement with the Captain and Colonel Delayen Blade. Aujourd'hui, it has the largest Buddha lying Europe !

The amphitheater of Frejus

We arrive at theamphitheater, a monument built in the first century. The building could accommodate more 10 000 people at the time ! Today the arena is not gladiatorial combat theater but serves to representations of artists and events like nights of Frejus par exemple.

You should know that the Romans were not very big, this is why the passages devoted to maintenance were less than 1.60m high ! For small sizes complexed know that Cleopatra measured qu'1m50.

The Romans had already set up an ingenious system to avoid the throngs at the exit arenas : the staggered outputs, still used today !
In the center of the arena, our guide took the opportunity to break some clichés about gladiators :

  • The famous thumbs down to sentence to death a gladiator is a legend !
  • Gladiators fought only rarely to death !
  • It was possible to fill with water the arena of the amphitheater to relive naval battles !

Port Fréjus

There are 2000 years "Forum Julii" (name given to the city by the Romans) home to one of the most important ports Mediterranean ! Unfortunately the weather, abandonment and silting have deprived Fréjussiens the ancient port, even up to transform the garden in the eighteenth century.
In 1989, Francois Leotard inaugurates Port Frejus to offer the city a new marina.

In 2013, Port Fréjus II welcomes first boats. The project extends the port inland towards the downtown, with magnificent views Cathedral. The new port development seen the construction of several infrastructure such as Californian type homes / Mediterranean or the new casino games.

Today the project to extend the port to downtown, as in Roman times, is being investigated.
Frejus she find a port linking the city center to the sea ?

Villa beautiful Frejus times

Villa Marie

The city of Fréjus is home to many of the Villa "Belle Epoque" (prior period WW1 sees many advanced economic and political scientists). These mansions styles are now part of the landscape Fréjussien. They all have a history and a clean architecture. You have to find the most beautiful in your walks.

Cathedral and baptistery of Frejus

The tour ends with the Cathedral Saint-Léonce, jewel downtown Frejus. By entering, we note that the Cathedral consists of several areas. On our left, can be seen baptistère bathed in natural light and symbolizes the descent of the Holy Spirit on the newly baptized Christians to. Facing you, a staircase leads to cloister.
On the right, the tour continues with the part dedicated to religious ceremonies consists of the apse and two naves.
The Cathedral has many outstanding works, as bishops statues where even organ Quoirin.

Guided tour

We thank our guide Philip has transmitted his passion Fréjus !

  • An ideal tour to learn more about ville de Fréjus
  • Round en bus you can quickly explore the whole city
  • An enthusiastic guide with anecdotes along the way

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