We tested it for you : The Chocolate Festival in Roquebrune-sur-Argens,fr

In 2017, the team went to the Chocolate Festival and delights in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. A key event each year that puts chocolate local products and creations in the spotlight ! Each year, this event back in March, and this is the perfect opportunity to awaken your taste buds ! Discover below the publishing summary 2017 : of hot chocolate cocoa bean through tablets and candies of all kinds ...

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ATTENTION : Article below shows our presence EDITION 2017. The entertainment program may be modified to the following editions 🙂

Edition 2019 : dimanche 10 March 10 to 18

The fête du Chocolat et des Délices à Roquebrune-sur-Argens est une belle occasion de sortir en famille, discover the world of chocolate and enjoy it in all its forms : blanc, with milk, noir, fondant, crisp… Retrouvez cet évènement pour sa troisième édition en accès libre, the dimanche 10 March 2019 from 10 to 18 the Coeur du village.

Au programme : de nombreux stands et animations, des structures gonflables, ateliers pour les enfants, soupe de chocolat, barbes à papa…

Edition 2017 : pastry workshop with Lila Bret, Best Patissier M6

All day long, Lila has shared his knowledge and love of pastry with big and small. Everyone was invited to put their hands in the dough to make delicious chocolate mug-cakes. A great opportunity to share with her and congratulate her on her journey in the show Best Pastry M6. And the least we can say, is that there was a line out its stand !

ingredients : 1 egg, 20g flour, 20g sugar, 30g butter, 40g cooking chocolate

STEP 1 :
In a mug, place the butter and chocolate in pieces. Place in microwave, 30 Dry to Warm the mixture. Mix to obtain a smooth mixture.
STEP 2 :
Une fois que le mélange est bien lisse, ajoutez la farine et le sucre. Mélangez de nouveau.
STEP 3 :
Terminez en ajoutant l’œuf entier. Mélangez de nouveau.
STEP 4 :
Place in microwave, puissance maximum pendant 1 minutes. Si besoin, rajoutez 15 secondes de cuisson.
STEP 5 :
Serve warm 🙂

Choco-Sophro Session

Chocolate is a powerful trigger emotions and sensations. Placed at the center of a session of relaxation therapy, this is an original way to relax, to focus on yourself and your emotions. 2 choco-sophro sessions were held during the day, in the intimate setting of the house of Saint-Jacques de Compostela. Christelle Beckrich, sophrologist graduate, offers a unique experience around the senses :

Photo @SEML SARGET - Tourist Office of Roquebrune-sur-Argens

- hearing : listening to his breathing, we imagine the rustle of paper, listening to the general noise of the room ...
- View : eyes closed, we remember the colors of its chocolate, then half opens his eyes and discovers all angles.
- Touch : Imagine the texture of chocolate under his fingers, we feel its texture, softness, its rough ...
- The smell : First we recall the smell then brought chocolate to his nose to find smell
- Taste : It awakens the taste buds then crunches small bite chocolate to rediscover the taste ...

One hour later (is that it can be time to eat a chocolate actually 😉 ) all senses are awakened and were asked ... not that easy but quickly ready to play and we relaxed and zen spring !

Cost : 16€/pers., limited seats 10-15 personnes

Hunt chocolate treasures

" The chocolate was vandalized last night. Goes through this survey the thread of the fascinating history of chocolate and found the booty that was stolen ! ".
A great treasure hunt through the medieval village animated the festival of chocolate. Children were invited to remove their upstream journey of the game at the Maison du Chocolat. What follows is a race against time to be the first to find the treasure chocolate !

Nb : The Maison du Chocolat et du Cacao opens its doors all year round with guided tours and workshops for your children. A collection of hundreds of items to discover ! Moreover, we have tested for you Gourmet stroll in Roquebrune-sur-Argens we highly recommend !

Local products featured on the market

Thirty producers were present at the Chocolate Festival to present their products. Both say that the stalls were enough to make us drool : Chocolate Mountains, candy, pastries, chestnut cream and local products ...


It was also an opportunity to take a turn to the home of the Earth which presents the products of producers of the association "The Producers Roquebrunois" (horticulturists, maraîchers, winemakers, beekeepers, olive oil producers ...).

Culture & chocolate go together !

At the Saint-Michel chapel, a magnificent exhibition of paintings chocolate was made under the guidance of Chef Christian VAUDOIS and painter, Robert MOREL. Real works of art made from edible printing on icing sheet. Cubism figurative, the chapel of the fourteenth century was perfectly chosen to present these achievements.
The exhibition was closed in the late afternoon with an auction of the works. The collected benefits were paid to solidarity grocery,,fr,discover the world of chocolate and enjoy it in all its forms,,fr Roquebrune-sur-Argens.

signing session at the Heritage House

Most chocolate enthusiasts had the chance to get autographed the book "living chocolate" by one of its illustrators Theresa BRONN the Heritage House.

A curious album whose title summarizes the content. [...] Two universal themes, life and chocolate. Each page, a new scene, as a fantasy, Chocolate landscape. A story told by a boy, an ode to life, simple and moving. A narrative that puts feelings and emotions. Rather youth literature but can also attract the general public.

Available for sale from 13,50 € : Amazon link

In short, the Chocolate festival and delights in Roquebrune-sur-Argens is a great opportunity to go out with family, discover the world of chocolate and enjoy it in all its forms : blanc, with milk, noir, fondant, crisp… RDV le 10 March 2019 for the fourth time 😉