The Route du Mimosa on the French Riviera : Admire ... Breathe !

Mimosa comes brighten winter ! Find in this section all the events around the Mimosa on the French Riviera, its specificities, but also tips for growing and even the taste ... !

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For a few days, you have probably noticed lots of golden tasks along the coast and on the French Riviera hills. In contrast with the blue azure, mimosa is back !


Credits : Guillaume Roumestan

Symbol of the sun and gold, found in more than 130 kilometers, of Bormes-les-Mimosas (There is) Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) through Saint-Raphael (kilometer 59) : the mimosa road. The ideal time for walking is from January to early March : the smell of mimosa is everywhere and the golden forests !

On the road, take a break in the charming hamlets Tanneron, the most common of these trees golden tassels.

The mimosa is from Australia. From the family of Acacias, the first plants were collected by English 1780 and dispersed in Europe, to the delight of botanical gardens. The attraction of English for the South of France has allowed this flower to plant on the Mediterranean coast, where she was able to develop fully through it climate.

Events around the Mimosa on the French Riviera


From January to March, the common steps of the road organize events around the Mimosa.


Events list
  • Du 1er au 15 February 2019 : Blood Painting Exhibition, watercolor and oil – Tanneron
  • 2, 10, 17, 24 February 2019 : Guided tours "Tanneron, mimosa and his companions " (+ outings during school holidays 16/02 the 03/03) – Tanneron
  • 3, 10, 17, 24 February 2019 : walking tour "Esterel time mimosas" – Saint-Raphaël
  • 3 February Day mimosa "The Rising Sun" – Tanneron
  • 7, 14, 21, 28 February 2019 : minibus ride in the Esterel mountains – Saint-Raphaël
  • 14, 21 28 février et 7 March 2019 : walking tour "Mimosa in the Esterel Mountains" – Saint-Raphaël
  • 15 February 2019 : Pedestrian walk in the Esterel mountains – Saint-Raphaël
  • 15, 22 February and 1 March 2019 : Coach trip in Tanneron – Saint-Raphaël
  • 18 February 2019 : Workshop "Your silk mimosa color ! » – Tanneron


Your activities around the mimosa : rando accompanied, excursion...

Discover the characteristics of mimosa with naturalist guides expert on the subject and nature in general !

Randonnée mimosa - Experience Cote d'Azur

Guided hike Mimosa from Mandelieu it Napoule

Imported by the English in the 19th century, mimosa flowers from January to March to offer us a spectacle of colors and unforgettable scents ! En cette période, the mild climate and the blue sky invite us to discover the Esterel mountains. Pour cela, nothing like a friendly hike to smell all the secrets of these beautiful colors !
Date : 26, 27 January, every Sunday in February, 3 March
Duration : 2h30
Départ : Mandelieu
Rate : 15€/adulte ; 10€ / child (3-12 years)

naturalist Walk – At the heart of Tanneron and its mimosas

Immerse yourself in the heart of Tanneron, pour une balade accompagnée de Marjorie, votre guide naturaliste. Discover the mimosa in all its forms, plante à parfum, bouquet ou encore ornementale… Découvrez sa place au sein de la biodiversité, without forgetting the history of the massif, Tanneron and nearby villages.
Date : 7 February
Duration : 2h
Départ : Tourist Office of Tanneron
Rate : 10€/adulte ; 5€ / child (6-15 years)

naturalist Walk – At the heart of the Esterel and Mimosa

Discover the winter in the Esterel and mimosas. Accompanied by your naturalist guide Marjorie Ughetto, going from Agay and enjoy a ride full of scents. Themes covered during this walk will, mimosas, les volcans & the flora of the Esterel Mountains…
Date : 10, 17, 24 February
Duration : 2h30
Départ : Place du Togo, Agay
Rate : 15€/adulte ; 10€ / child (7-15 years)

Discovery of the Esterel with Joseph, “Bear Esterel”

In collaboration with the National Forestry Office, Joseph offers from 1990 an original discovery of the forest of Esterel. Your guide will accompany you and send you his passion for the region. Au programme : Discovery of the Esterel and its incredible landscapes by motor vehicle (type mini bus) with stop and reviews.
Date : 10, 17, 24 February
Duration : 3 at 6
Départ : Place du Togo, Agay
Rate : 15€/adulte ; 10€ / child (7-15 years)

Grow your own mimosa !


The secret ? Le mimosa se plante au printemps ou à l’automne.

  • • Choisissez un grand bac (minimum 40cm)
  • • Disposez une couche de gravillons ou de billes d’argile au fond du pot. Its growth up 50 cm per year, plan to the space around his plantation.
  • • Le mimosa est sensible au froid, take shelter in the winter or have it in a well lit room.

In fine weather, il s’épanouira pleinement sur votre terrasse ou balcon et supporte assez bien la sécheresse en été.

The boost : To support its growth, the mimosa need iron. Dispose of cans crushed in the bottom of the pot to make it full of vitamins !

Découvrez tous les hébergements disponibles durant la Fête du mimosa. Du petit hôtel de charme à la maison d’hôtes provençale en passant par l’hébergement insolite, you will inevitably find the right rental for your stay,fr !

The therapeutic virtues of Mimosa

Used by the Mayans and Aztecs Indian healer in ancient times for its rejuvenating qualities, mimosa is recommended cream to treat mature skin and weakened, to restructure the tissues and soothe the pain of burns.

Mimosa derived products


We find the mimosa in a large quantity of products ! Its delicious flavor makes it an ally of choice for many cosmetic products (creams, know ...). You can smell these flagrances in perfumeries City Grasse, world capital of perfume.

But the mimosa is eaten as ! In candy, honey, jelly, syrup, confit... One has to water the mouth nothing than writing !


Recipe : Crystallized flowers Mimosa

And as we love you, voici une recette simple et rapide pour réaliser des fleurs cristallisées de Mimosa pour decorate your teas and pastries (effet garanti !) :

  • • Prenez des fleurs de mimosas, Gently wash and dry them in paper towels
  • • Trempez ensuite les petits pompons jaunes dans du blanc d'œuf légèrement battu
  • • Saupoudrez de sucre glace et laissez sécher à l'air libre sur du papier sulfurisé
  • • Dégustez !

Didier Carrié, chocolatier at Palet d’Or, a déposé le brevet d’une recette exclusive : le « Mimosa d’Agay », a single chocolate, soft, rolled in crystallized mimosa powder. Une recette tenue secrète mais que vous pourrez essayer de percer en la savourant !

Trades around the Mimosa


Of nurserymen who grow, through the guides who transmit their passion, florists who make beatiful, to confectioners et parfumeurs qui le transforment pour le plaisir de nos sens… le mimosa n’est pas seulement une culture mais aussi un art !

Mimosa road 2016 - French RivieraDu mimosa en veux-tu en voilà ! Find all the information on the site

Do you take photos for memories

Post your best photos with the mimosa hashtag #VisitEsterel and follow the account esterecotedazur on Instagram




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