The Great Wheel of Saint Raphael

The Ferris Wheel was installed for the first time last winter and returned this summer 2015 to our delight. White day, colorful night, the Ferris wheel is open daily.
Good news, she returns it 5 December 2015 for the Festivals of Light, and will be even greater this year…

Avec sa situation en front de mer, St. Raphael admire an original way and rediscover the Old Port. 360 °

realized by the company Zooomez

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Informations pratiques


Esplanade Delayen,
83700 Saint-Raphaël


Du 04/12/15 au 17/01/16, tous les jours
A partir de 10h ou 14h en fonction de la météo


4€ les 3 tours / personne

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